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Power to The People Bodybuilding

Power to The People Bodybuilding

Another interesting bodybuilding/strength routine is that of Pavel Tsatsouline's - Power to the People Program. Also known as PTTP (Strength for Everyone).

Pavel's system is based upon 2 very simple exercises. You could say 1 for the lower body and one for the upper body. But in reality, both the exercises in this routine are somewhat FULLBODY exercises.

What are the exercises used in the Power to The People Program?

2 simple one's -

The Deadlift
The side press.

The set and rep format for this training routine is simple.

2 sets of 5 reps.

First set is 80% 1 REP max then back off set (2nd set) with less weight (approx. 10% less)

The idea is that this routine can be done almost daily to build strength gradually and get into the groove. GTG - grease the groove.

Also, for bodybuilding purposes this routine can be performed for multiple sets
e.g. First set @80% for 5 reps

2nd-3rd-4th-5th....... sets at 10% less until form deteriorates.

Here are some pointers for this style of training.


General Points:
* Never work to failure
* Preferred Exercises: Deadlift (with variations); Side Press (or Floor Press, or Bench Press, or Incline Press); opt. Curl; PTP Variation appeared in an article that used Squat, Deadlift and Bench Press
* Preferred Length of Cycle: 8-12 workouts
* If combining with another routine, e.g. Combat Conditioning or high rep ballistic 1 arm snatches, alternate programs every 2 weeks (i.e. 2 weeks PTP, 2 weeks snatches; back to PTP) even if you don't complete your 8-12 workouts in that time period. Longer cycles will cause you to lose your edge.

Name Purpose Rep Scheme Rest Frequency

PTP Wiry Strength 5, 5 @ 90% of the 1st set 3-5 minutes Up to 5x/week

PTP Variation Wiry Strength 5-4-3-2-1-[opt. 1-2-3-4-5] As reps decrease, increase the weight but not necessarily on every set Rest number of minutes equal to preceding set (i.e. 5 reps/5 minutes rest; 4 reps, 4 minutes rest, etc.) Up to 5x/week

Bear Strength and Bulk PTP, then add: 5 @ 80% of the 1st set [repeat @ 80% until form begins to get shaky] Decrease rest periods so workout can be completed in no more than c.45 minutes 2-4x/week

Bear Variation* Strength and Bulk PTP, then add sets of 1-5, waving up and down around 80% of the 1st set As PTP, but during singles reduce to approximately 30 sec. 2-4x/week

*This is only one possible variation. Rest periods, numbers of sets, reps, etc. can all be varied. The goal is to maximize volume with as little fatigue as possible. Experiment to find what works for you.

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